911 Call Bigfoot Sighting Is A False Alarm (Photo)

Police in Altoona, Penn. responded to a 911 call from John Winesickle, the man who claimed that he had proof of Bigfoot. He asked police to come over to his house so he could show them the proof.

Here a partial transcript of the 911 call:

Person 1: “[an individual] called 911 advising that he contacted the Game Commission to call him back; wants a police officer to come to his residence. Apparently he has proof there of Bigfoot.”

Officer: “Bigfoot, right?”

Person 1: “That’s affirmative, he has evidence, uh … proving Bigfoot. He would like a police officer to come there.”

Officer: “Apparently there’s a large amount of smoke in that area…”

Once the police arrived, Winesickle showed the officer the tracks in the woods he regularly walked. The officer then concluded that the tracks had been made by a bear not by big foot.

Winesickle still insisted Bigfoot was in the area. “The police have been very nice to me,” he said. “It wasn’t a bear, it was Bigfoot.”

Here is the photo of the bear tracks:
big foot