Is Mermaid Real: New Evidence Animal Planet Interview (VIDEO)

So many questions about the existence of mermaids. Are mermaids real? Do they really exist? According to the newest Animal Planet episode on May 26, 2013, called “Mermaids: New Evidence”, mermaids are real. Discovery Channel/Animal Planet interviewed Dr. Paul Roberts and Dr. Schmidt, who both claimed they have found a body of a real mermaid in a deep sea exploration in Greenland.

See: Dr Paul Robertson Mermaid Website and Others Blocked

Watch this video of the clip. (note: I am not sure how long will this video stay online)

So what do you think? Are mermaids real?

Screen capture picture of the supposedly mermaid.

Update: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, said it is a hoax.


  1. Linda Brennan