Obama CNN Joke & One-Liners: 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner (VIDEO)

Watch President Barack Obama poked fun at himself, with jokes about CNN and MSNBC, at the weekend’s annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

“Rush Limbaugh warned you about this — second term, baby!” Obama said after taking the stage to a hip hop song.

Obama said that, even after four years, he still makes “rookie mistakes,” like noting recently that California Attorney General Kamala Harris is “the best looking” of the nation’s Attorney Generals. “As you might imagine, I got in trouble when I got back home,” Obama said. “Who knew Eric Holder was so sensitive?”

Obama mocked his performance in a recent basketball game in which he missed 20 of 22 shots. “2 hits, 20 misses,” Obama noted. “The executives at NBC said, “what’s your secret?'”

Obama said that both he and the press have different jobs. “My job is to be the president, your job is to keep me humble,” Obama noted. “Frankly, I think I’m doing my job better.”