Sinkhole Bedroom Video Footage In Florida Incident Released

Remember the Florida sinkhole that opened under the bedroom of a house near Tampa, swallowing a 34-year-old man, Jeff Bush?

See: Florida Sinkhole Opened Under Bedroom Swallowing A Man (VIDEO)

The Hillsborough County now released a video footage taken by a contractor showing the extent of the sinkhole. The contractor attached a camera on the end of a pole then stuck through Bush’s bedroom window.

Brother of the victim, Jeremy Bush, who tried to help his brother by jumping to the sinkhole said this: “You can’t even see his bed. It looks totally different than from when I seen it. It’s much deeper. Like I said, you can’t see anything that was in there, than what I seen before when I first jumped in.”

The house was later torn down and the sinkhole filled in.

Full video footage: