TV Show Guide For February 24, 2013 (Sunday)

What TV shows will you be watching tonight, Sunday, February 24, 2013? Here is the list for your TV show guide.

oscars7:00 PM EST

Oscars Red Carpet LIVE – Guests arrive for the 85th Academy Awards ceremony; Lara Spencer, Jess Cagle, Kristin Chenoweth and Kelly Rowland host. (ABC)

60 Minutes (“Killing bin Laden”) – A former SEAL who was there when Osama bin Laden was killed recounts the mission. (CBS)

8:00 PM EST

The Amazing Race (“Loose Lips Sink Ships”) – A fear of water sends one team into a panic in Bora Bora; another team is saddled with a game-threatening injury. (CBS)

8:30 PM EST

The 85th Oscars Honors for achievements in film take place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles; Adele, Norah Jones, Barbra Streisand and Shirley Bassey perform; Seth MacFarlane hosts. (ABC)

9:00 PM EST

The Walking Dead (“I Ain’t a Judas”) – Rick and the group must make a choice when security is threatened; Andrea grows uneasy. (AMC)

Girls (“Video Games”) – Hanna and Jessa travel upstate to visit Jessa’s father. (HBO)

Shameless (“Cascading Failures”) – Fiona is desperate to get the children back after the Department of Family Services hauls them away. (Showtime)

Oprah’s Lifeclass (“Oprah & Rick Warren: The Purpose Driven Life”) – The three levels of existence: survival, success and significance. (OWN)

9:30 PM EST

Enlightened (“No Doubt”) – Tyler gets Eileen to arrange a meeting for Amy; Dougie gets the official word about Cogentiva’s future; Amy confides in Krista and has a tense meeting with Levi. (HBO)

10:00 PM EST

House of Lies (“Family Values”) – Marty’s plan to spend time with Roscoe conflicts with an executive retreat, while Doug sees his fellow Pod members in a different light after introducing them to his new girlfriend. Later, Tamara offers an intriguing revelation about her personal life, piquing Marty’s interest. (Showtime)

Mob Wives (“No Love Lost”) – Drita spills details of Lee’s surprise release from prison; Karen and Ramona learn about Lee’s return; Renee comes back from rehab. (VH1)

Talking Dead – Guests discuss the episode “I Ain’t a Judas.” (AMC)

10:30 PM EST

Californication (“In the Clouds”) – Karen asks Hank to intervene with Becca; the boys board Air Force 69 with Atticus Fetch. (Showtime)