Surgeon Left 16 Items In Body Including A Needle and Surgical Mask

surgeryA doctor mistakenly leaving an item inside a patient’s body after an operation is not even acceptable.  How much more if a surgeon left 16 items in a body?

Dirk Schroeder, 74, had an had an operation for prostate cancer in 2009. Three months after the surgery, he was feeling pain and the nurse who visited him at his home noticed a gauze pad protruding from one of his wounds. He was brought back to the hospital and doctors removed sixteen items from his body including a needle, a six-inch roll of bandage, swabs and a piece of a surgical mask.

While Schroeder survived the operation, he died of cancer last year, according to ninesmsn.

The family is now seeking over $120,000 from the hospital to compensate for the blunder.

The hospital has denied the items were left inside Mr Schroeder during his prostate operation, saying the items had entered his body after the surgery.