Poison Gas In Syria – For Real? (VIDEO)

A poison gas in Syria as chemical weapons? There have been claims that a poison gas in Syria has been utilized by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as chemical weapons against the rebels. According to Reuters, there have been pictures showing patients being treated by doctors for possible gas poisoning.

Israeli Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon had his doubts of the Syrian rebels’ claims of the regime using poison gas in Syria. He said there was no definitive proof or evidence for the allegation:

“We have seen reports from the opposition. It is not the first time. The opposition has an interest in drawing in international military intervention. As things stand now, we do not have any confirmation or proof that (chemical weapons) have already been used, but we are definitely following events with concern.”

The Observatory, a British-based group with a network of activists across Syria, said those accounts spoke of six rebel fighters who died after inhaling smoke on the front line of Homs’s urban battleground. It said it could not confirm that poison gas had been used and called for an investigation.

Syria has said it would never use chemical weapons against its citizens.

Asked about images purported to show patients being treated for possible gas poisoning, Yaalon said: “I’m not sure that what we’re seeing in the photos is the result of the use of chemical weapons.

“It could be other things,” he said, without elaborating.

On Sunday, senior Israeli defense official Amos Gilad said Syria’s chemical weapons were still secure despite the fact that Assad had lost control of parts of the country.

As Syria’s southern neighbor, Israel has been concerned about chemical weapons falling into the hands of Islamist militants or Lebanese Hezbollah fighters, cautioning it could intervene to stop such developments.

Video allegedly showing a victim of one of the poison gas attacks.