Christmas Day 2012 Store Hours: Walmart, Target, Best Buy

best1buy_logoDo not think of buying your gifts on Christmas day! Most stores like Walmart, Target, and Best Buy will be closed on December 25th, Christmas Day 2012! Take note also that most stores will be closing early on Christmas eve (December 24). Below is a list of Christmas Day 2012 store hours for few selected stores.

Plan ahead everyone!

Best Buy
Dec. 24: 7am-5pm
Dec 25: Closed

Dec. 24: 9am-5pm
Dec. 25: Closed

Dec. 24: 8am-6pm
Dec. 25: Closed

Dec. 24: 10am – 5pm (Restaurant closing at 4pm)
Dec. 25: Closed

Dec. 24: 6am-10pm
Dec. 25: Closed

Dec. 24: 12am-12am (select locations)
Dec. 25: Closed

Dec. 24: 8am-6pm
Dec. 25: Closed

Dec. 24: 7am-9pm
Dec. 25.: Closed

Toys-R-Us and Babies-R-Us
Dec. 24: 12am-10pm
Dec. 25: Closed

Whole Foods
Dec. 24: 7am-7pm
Dec. 25: Closed

Dec. 24: Most stores close at 8pm
Dec. 25: Closed

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