Black Ivory Coffee – World’s Most Expensive Coffee From Elephant Waste

The beans excreted by Thai elephants and taken a day later from their dung are the beans that could produce the world’s most expensive coffee. It is called Black Ivory Coffee. The price can reach to $1,100 per kilogram ($500 per pound).

In the misty mountains where Thailand meets Laos and Myanmar, the coffee’s creator cites biology and scientific research to answer the basic question: Why elephants?

“When an elephant eats coffee, its stomach acid breaks down the protein found in coffee, which is a key factor in bitterness,” said Blake Dinkin, who has spent $300,000 developing the coffee. “You end up with a cup that’s very smooth without the bitterness of regular coffee.”

“My theory is that a natural fermentation process takes place in the elephant’s gut,” said Dinkin. “That fermentation imparts flavors you wouldn’t get from other coffees.”

Would you ever taste the coffee?