American Ninja Warrior Winner Season 3 – Finale Results

Who won American Ninja Warrior season 3 finale tonight on NBC? Stay on this page for updates. It is halfway though the American Ninja Warrior finale on NBC and the show is totally rocking! The “American Ninja Warrior” is an extreme-obstacle-course athletic event.

The 10 final competitors had a chance to run the Ninja Warrior course in Japan at Mt. Midoriyama in the season finale, where they competed for a chance to win a $500,000 endorsement deal with K-Swiss and a chance to be the first “American Ninja Warrior”.

Ryan Stratis starts stage 3. He fell on the “ultimate clip hanger”.

Paul Kasemir failed on stage 3.

Only David Campbell is left. He was so close to finish the obstacle and fell on the “ultimate clip hanger”.

No American yet has finished the course!