Different Types of Dads Says Martin Agency

Which type of dad are you? The Martin Agency’s Consumer Forensics division released a new study that defines five categories of dads. The agency took a closer look at American dads. What are the different kinds of dads? What makes them tick? How do they relate to their kids, to their spouses and to brands?

This is interesting — here is the five distinct categories of fathers:

1. The Partner Dad (25% of dads, approximately 9.8 million)

This dad is all about collaboration. He works with his partner to get things done, even if that means doing the shopping, the cooking and the dishes. Free time is a luxury with this dad, so when he gets it, he relaxes in front of the TV or with a magazine.

2. The Renaissance Dad (19% of dads, approximately 7.3 million)

This dad strengthens the family through togetherness and learning. He makes it a point to be home for dinner every night, even if he has to go back to work afterwards. When he’s not bringing the family together, you can find him reading or jogging.

3. The Durable Dad (25% of dads, approximately 9.7 million)

This dad leads by example, instilling his values in his kids by embodying them himself. He tends to be a little more traditional than most dads: it’s family first, then community, then country. He’s a man’s man and might enjoy hunting or working out in the garage.

4. The Hip Pop (14% of dads, approximately 5.3 million)

This dad wants to be a friend as well as a parent to his kids. While he’s not a pushover, he does like spoiling his kids every once in a while. He’s culturally aware and extremely active, participating in a variety of activities like sports and going out with his friends.

5. The Leader of the Pack (17% of dads, approximately 6.6 million)

This dad sees it as his job to advance the family and make a better life for his kids. He is extremely ambitious and status-oriented, and he tries to instill those values in his kids. He loves top-of-the-line gadgets and clothes.

So which type of dad do you belong to?