Oklahoma State University Shooting

Oklahoma State University, OSU, police cleared the campus of any threat from the shooter who shot Kasey Cook, an OSU student from Grapevine, Texas.

Reports are that the shooter is a 6’2″, black male with dreadlocks.

“If you are on/near OSU campus please stay inside,” said a phone call from the OSU police.

Reports from the shooting scene said that armed man shot Cook then robbed him, stealing a backpack containing a laptop.

The laptop fell out of the pack in Sigma Phi Epsilon’s volleyball pit while the armed man was fleeing the scene of the crime.

Andrew Schram, an international business freshman and member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, said he saw a man with dreadlocks with a hood on running across the Sig Ep parking lot and tripped in the volleyball pit.

Schram said the man that was shot came out of his house and asked him if he saw the man running.

“He (Cook) had blood running down his leg and he asked me if I just saw a guy running and I said ‘Ya’ and he was like ‘He just shot me,'” Schram said. “I asked him if he needed to sit down and he said ‘No, it didn’t burn as bad as I thought it would’ and I was like, ‘Dude you just got shot and he sat down and made a joke and said ‘At least it didn’t hit my balls.'”

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