What is KIK Messenger

What is KIK Messenger? Kik Messenger is a free smartphone to smartphone chat application. It’s crazy fast, fully cross-platform, completely in real-time, and available worldwide. Use your data plan to enjoy instant conversations with all your smartphone friends
when you download the free, universal power of Kik Messenger.

REAL-TIME: Kik Messenger shows you exactly when your message has been sent, delivered, read, and even tells you when someone is responding. That’s because Kik Messenger is all about turning regular texting into real-time conversations.

FREE: Kik Messenger is free to download and gives you unlimited, cross-platform messaging through your data plan to all Kik users, worldwide, no matter what type of smartphone they’re into.

CROSS-PLATFORM: Most instant messengers limit their free texting service to one type of smartphone – which would be great if all your friends agreed on what kind is king. (That’ll be the day…) Only Kik Messenger gives you super-fast, messaging-excellence across each of the three smartphone platforms – in other words, something all your friends can agree on.

PLUS: Push messages, free cross-border messaging, landscape typing, intuitive user interface, offline messages, and a whole lot more!

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