Spokeo Mobile Released

Spokeo is thrilled to announce the release of its cool new product – the Spokeo Mobile. The new mobile product released recently is virtually identical to the standard version, and is super fast. Now you no longer have to be tethered to a computer to perform a search. Conduct an instant search about anyone anytime, anywhere, using only a smart phone. Simply enter Spokeo.com in the smart-phone’s browser and be transported directly to Spokeo’s webpage. Try “Spokeo Mobile” for yourself today, and find out just how cool it really is.

About Spokeo
Spokeo is a search engine specialized in aggregating and organizing vast quantities of people-related information from a large variety of public sources. The public data is amassed with lightning speed, and presented almost instantly in an integrated, coherent, and easy-to-follow format.

While an individual could on their own, for example, potentially locate a person’s phone number or address by searching phone books, then redirect their search to a county tax assessor’s office to determine a home’s value, they would have to conduct literally hundreds of searches to discover all of the information available through only a single search on Spokeo.

Spokeo’s unique and powerful algorithms can swiftly navigate, sift through, and collect multitudes of scattered data that are spread across hundreds of locations, and synthesize that information in one convenient summary, delivering the most comprehensive snapshot of people-related, public data offered online to date. The search results represent an unparalleled mosaic of the vast stockpiles of public information accessible, and can offer invaluable insight into both the individual being searched, as well as the different types of information published.


What distinguishes Spokeo from Google and Facebook, and why is it better when it comes to people-related searches? Google is the leader in organizing vast quantities of various types of data found on web pages. Spokeo, on the other hand, is focused on organizing people-related data from a variety of sources, such as social networks, phone books, marketing surveys, and others. Simply put, Google covers a myriad of subject matter, but derives its information predominately from one source – websites, whereas Spokeo covers one subject area – people, but derives its information from many sources. By searching beyond the Web, Spokeo also yields more comprehensive and targeted results than general-purpose search engines can.

How Spokeo differs from Facebook: Facebook is a social network upon which users create their own profiles and share personal data. Spokeo, on the other hand, is a search engine that aggregates this type of data and others from various third-party sources. An array of public data amassed from numerous public domains, while perhaps not always entirely accurate, has the advantage of presenting a disinterested, third-party perspective, which can be valuable for people-research purposes.