iPhone 4 Reviews – iPhone4 Gets Good Review

A day after CEO Steve Jobs announced the release date of the iPhone 4 or the iPhone 4G, there are some fortunate people who are able to get their hands onto the Apple product for a review.

Here are some iPhone 4 reviews from popular blogs:

Engadget said “The general speed of the whole OS is way snappier. The camera app in particular is noticeably faster — shots get snapped in an instant.” Full review here.

CNET said “On the whole, this iPhone 4 has us more excited than we were last year when the the 3GS was born. ” Full iPhone review here.

Laptop Mag said “We took both video and photos so that you can appreciate how sharp pictures and words look, even when magnified. It’s the closest Apple has gotten to a paper experience. Amazon should feel a bit less cocky about its easy-on-the-eyes display now.” Full review here.

Wired said “FaceTime is a button accessible through the Phone app. Unfortunately the Wi-Fi in the press room was flimsy, but when we connected for a few seconds, it was pretty fun. Apple hasn’t yet disclosed the resolution of the front-facing camera, but the video we saw on-screen looked decent for chatting.” Review is here.

Video: First Look at iPhone 4