Shamu Kills Trainer – Killer Whale Attacks Trainer at Sea World

This has been a big tragedy at the Sea World when killer whale, named Tilikum, attacked trainer Dawn Brancheau and killed her.

The Orlando, Florida SeaWorld resort is now investigating what really happened that killed the 40-year-old trainer.

Spectator Eldon Skaggs said Brancheau was on a platform with the whale and was massaging it. He said the interaction appeared leisurely and informal. Then, Skaggs said, the whale “pulled her under and started swimming around with her.”

Skaggs said an alarm sounded and staff rushed the audience out of the stadium as workers scrambled around with nets. Skaggs said he heard that during an earlier show the whale was not responding to directions. Others who attended the earlier show said the whale was behaving like an ornery child. The couple left and did not find out until later that the trainer had died.  


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